How To Register Texas DBA

Looking to file a DBA (Doing Business As) in texas, is a very simple and easy process. You can perform this task at the county level or in the Texas Secretary of state. Where you have to go depends on your business type. Here I have explained the steps by following this you can file your Doing business as or Assumed name in Texas for your Limited Liability Company. If you have a small business then it is very beneficial for you to form an LLC as it is the best option. You can check out how you can form a Texas LLC. The DBA (Doing Business As) has another name Assumed name & it is only for the Identity objectives. I have provided more detailed information for your ease of understanding.

What is a DBA?

The DBA (Doing Business As) is also known as Assumed Name, Trade Name, Fictitious name all these names are used for a business. The assumed name means the name that is different from the real name of your Texas LLC. The process is done because the business owners want to serve under a different name from their legal name. Likewise, in all other states, Texas also requires to register the business name. Once the owners register their legal name, it is ensured that the consumers are protected from the owners that are unspecified behind the name of the business.

When Do You Need a DBA?

If you are having a limited liability company or any other type of business periodically carrying on business with a different name from the legal name. Then I suggest you register for the DBA as Secretary of state. To register your Assumed name you have to visit the clerk’s office of the country where you are operating a business.

You don’t have to file at the state level if you have a business that is registered as a sole proprietorship and general partnership. For this type of LLC, you can visit the clerk’s office in order to file your doing business As. If you tend to use the other name from the legal business name.

How to File DBA for LLCs, Corporations, and LLPs

Here I have provided all the steps that may help you to file your DBA in Texas state for your LLC, LP, LLP, corporations. You can follow the steps and easily file you do business as in Texas, moreover, I have provided all the information about mailing address, filing fees, etc.

Step 1: Do a Texas Business Entity Search

The initial step for DBA is you need to check the name that you selected is not taken by another entity & it is still available. To complete this process you will have to visit the official Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Website. To select a name for your LLC, you have to follow some of the criteria that are settled up for it by the government. The assumed name you select must comply with all the naming criteria. I have provided a list of criteria such as.

  • You can not use the words like FBI, Treasury, State Department, etc. These words are used by the government so you cannot use them as they can complicate your business.
  • The Words that signify that the business is anyhow connected with the illegal activities.
  • You cannot use the Lotto or Lottery.
  • You cannot use words that indicate the corporation is created with good benefits for the war veterans to their families. The words such Veteran, foreign, legion, Spanish, war, disabled, and world war.
  • To use these words you must have the appropriate licenses and permits e.g Bank Attorney, University, Doctor, etc.

Once you have selected the name then you can register it by following the second step. I have provided the link for the form that you need to file if you want to register your Assumed name in the Clerk’s County office or Texas Secretary of state.

Step 2: Filing Your Texas Assumed Name Certificate

You have to download Form 503 if you want to register your assumed name in Texas LLC or corporation. Once you complete the form you should make a copy of the form as it is highly recommended. To complete the form you need to provide some basic information related to the business such as:

  •  The selected Assumed Name
  • The Legal name of the business
  • You need to select the type of Entity
  • You need to provide the file Number of the Business
  • Current Jurisdiction of the business
  • Current office address of the Business
  • In which county the name will be used

Step 3: Submitting the Assumed name Certificate Form

To submit the Assumed name Certificate you have three options by fax, by mail, or going in person. You have to pay an amount of $25 as a filing fee while submitting the form. Once you pay the fees your process gets completed. Down below I have provided all the possible ways to submit the forms.

Office Address:
James Earl Rudder Office Building
1019 Brazos
Austin, Texas 78701

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13697
Austin, Texas 78711-3697

(512) 463-5709

Benefits of DBA

Here I have provided a few benefits you will get while you register your DBA (Doing business As). To know more about using a doing business as you have to know about the benefits that you get for using it.

  • You can operate the business on your chosen name for your business.
  • The Doing Business As also helps you to open a business bank account and lend funds from the banks for your business.
  • You can use the Doing business as your name as your identity, you can scale your name.

Things That DBA Won’t Do

If you are willing to file your DBA (Doing Busines As) name there are few points that you need to know. As this document is not helpful in some situations such as

  • It will not be able to provide you the legal protection.
  • The Business name is not protected as per the state’s policy.

Note: While you are submitting the FAssumed name Certificate you will have to attach Form 807 with all the credit card information.

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