Scholarship Scholarship Program

Education is the root of our successful future. It helps us develop a sense of good and bad. Although to have a good education, you need money. Looking at how technology and education are evolving hand in hand to provide the best infrastructure for students is simply daunting.

Not everyone can afford such an education, this takes away the chance of quality education from many children. We at value education and also believe in helping people.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce the “ Scholarship” which is worth $2000. We will award this scholarship to 1 student every year.

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Note: Entries are now open for 2022

What is the Scholarship Program?

Our scholarship program is worth $2000. We will provide this scholarship to One lucky student every year. This initiative was taken with the purpose to help students fulfill their career dream.

There is no limitation on how many students can apply for this program. If you are interested, you must participate in our contest and follow the rules. We will only select one student who is eligible for this program under our guidelines.

Check Eligibility Criteria For The Scholarship!

Here is how you can be eligible for our scholarship program. Keep in mind:

You must be a legal resident of the United States.

You must have a proof of acceptance in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course.


Your GPA should be a minimum of 3.0.

You can further move on to participating in our contest if you fulfill the above three conditions.

How To Apply For The Scholarship Program?

We have created a very easy contest to have maximum number of students apply for this scholarship. It is a very easy application process that requires your personal details. Here is what you need to do.

STEP 1: Choose Your Essay Topic

You are free to choose any essay topic from the below-mentioned categories. Describe any existing challenges and how would you try to overcome it in your opinion.





STEP 2: Start Your Essay

Your essay must be 1000 words minimum with no maximum limit. Ensure that your content is original with no plagiarism. Follow the below essay structure.

  • Introduction – Just give the general idea about your topic and what all you will try to cover in your essay.
  • Main Body – Create a proper flow of information and structure. Describe the challenges in your topic and also mention the solutions according to you.
  • Conclusion – Summarize your essay and give your final thought.

While submitting your essay, ensure it is in the “ms word” or “pdf” format.

STEP 3: Write an E-Mail

Compose an email that should include the below information

  • Full name, contact number, email address
  • Average GPA
  • Proof of acceptance from the university
  • A brief about yourself
  • Why you choose this topic

STEP 4: Submit Your Application

After you have included the above information in your e-mail, write the e-mail subject as “Your Name: Scholarship Application.

Re-check the information and then send it to “[email protected]

Fill all the information about yourself that are mandatory and necessary.

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How Will We Select The Winner?

First of all, we will only review the application that we receive on and before “30th November 2022.” Our team will judge every essay based on a few parameters that include, grammar, thoughtfulness, creativity, way of writing, etc. Along with this, we will also consider relevant experience.

We will announce the winner on “12th December 2022.”

We will then contact the winner through e-mail and he/she must respond to our e-mail within 7 days. In case the winner fails to respond within 7 days, he/she will lose the chance to win the scholarship. Hence we will then choose a new winner.

Previous Scholarship Winner

We were impressed to receive many works of the students from several universities. Every individual explained the challenges in their own language which was noteworthy. As such only one of all can win the scholarship. Our previous winner was Jasmin Engeda, an Economics student at University of Arkansas. She wrote about “The challenges of screentime that youngsters face”. Her whole essay was based on facts and in depth analysis of the research. 

Congratulation Jasmin Engeda! She deserved the scholarship. We hope you get inspired by her skills and start brainstorming for your topics. Enroll your name as soon as possible as the portal is now open.

East Carolina University (3)

Privacy Policy Terms For The Program

Under our privacy policy for this scholarship program, we will not share any personal information of the applicants outside our organization. Such information will only be used internally. We do not provide information to any other applicants as well. All the content submitted to, gives us the right to use the content in any way we wish. This goes for all the applicants including the winner.

After we announce the winner, we will require the proof of information provided in the application. We will request a student ID, a letter of appointment, and a copy of the tuition bill from the approved college/university. In case any of the winner fails to provide the proof, we will move on to selecting another winner for the scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any application fee?

No, this is a completely free process. You will not need to pay any fee during the whole process.

2. Can I submit multiple application?

No! Only one application is permitted to one candidate

3. How will the winner be judged?

The candidates will be evaluated based on originality, language, idea, writing skills, grammar, etc.

4. How will winner be contacted?

We will contact the winner through email and let them know about the further procedure.

5. When are the winner announced?

We will announce the winner on “12th December, 2022”

6. How can I get in touch, in case of any question?

If you have any question regarding our scholarship program, you can contact us at [email protected]