How To File a Foreign LLC in Texas

Having a business in any other state and want to expand in texas? Yes, then here is the result for your question. In order to expand your business in Texas, you have to form Texas Foreign LLC. It is not that tough to form your foreign LLC as we have provided all the information on a single page. There are two ways in which you can file a foreign LLC that is online and another is through Mail. You have to file an Application for Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company if you want to settle up a Foreign LLC in Texas. To form your Foreign LLC you have to pay $750 as a filing fee. A certificate of good standing must be provided in order to move forward, this certificate must be from the original state of formation. Let’s start the process by learning the Mail method first and then will move forward towards the Online method.

How To File Through Mail?

If you are willing to file a Texas foreign LLC through mail then you have to download the Application for Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company from the official website. The first and the most important would be to have a name search and lookout for a unique name for your LLC. Name reservation will cost an amount of $40 for 120 days. Once you complete selecting a name starting with the following process.

Step 1 – You have to download the Application for Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company in order to file Texas Foreign LLC.

Step 2 – Now, in order to move forward, you have to provide the necessary details asked in the form. You can expect the following data.

Page 1,

  • 1- Entity Name
  • 2A- Entity name along with “Limited Liability Company”, “Limited Company” or an abbreviation.
  • 2B- You can provide the assured name if the name is not available for Texas Foreign LLC.
  • 3- FEIN (if available)
  • 4- Jurisdiction of formation and date of formation
  • 6- Purpose of LLC
  • 7- Date it intends to first transact business in Texas or the date on which the entity first transacted business in Texas
  • 8-Principle address of LLC

Texas Foreign LLC

Page 2,

  • 9A-Name of registered agent (if an organization)
  • 9B- Name of registered agent (if an individual)
  • 9C- Registered agent’s business address and address of the registered office
  • 11- Governing person’s name and address

Texas Foreign LLC

Page 3,

  • Information or provisions (supplemental)
  • The effective date of the filing (if applicable, the event which will put the filling effective)
  • Authorized Representative’s signature
  • The printed name of the Authorized representative

Texas Foreign LLC

Step 3 – Once you complete providing all the details correctly, you have to print them off and you have to provide a signature as an authorized representative. Now you have to make a copy of all documents and attach all the things along with an e-check, or voucher to pay the $750 filing fees. Now, you must pack all the documents together and send them to the address provided below. If you want to send/deliver it by hand to the second or fax it to 512 463-5709 to the state.

Address 1:

  • Secretary of State
    P.O. Box 13697
    Austin, TX 78711

Address 2:

  • James Earl Rudder Office Building
    1019 Brazos
    Austin, Texas 78701

How To File Online?

As mentioned above there are two ways to file Texas Foreign LLC that is online and another is mail. Above we learned everything about Mail now let us see how to file online. The most important thing to know about the online process is that you should have an account with them.

1. First of all you have to visit the official website of the state. Now, the Username and password to get a login must be entered.

Texas Foreign LLC Online Step 1

2. Enter the payment method on the next page.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 2

3. As per the method selected you to have to enter the payment details on the next page to move forward. Information such as card type, card number, expiration date, full address, security code, and phone number must be added.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 3

4. Now, the next page will show you that you were logged in and will provide you a session code. Now, you have to click on the business organization to move forward.

5. Here, you have to select a foreign limited liability company from the drop-down box proceed by clicking on “file document”.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 5

6. The date of your first transacted business along with the type of filing must be entered now.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 6

7. Here you have to select the type of Texas foreign LLC that is standard or professional. Supply the name of LLC to move forward. If your current name is not available then you can enter the assumed name.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 7

8. FEIN followed by the jurisdiction and date of formation must be provided now.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 8

9. Now, you have to enter the address of the principal office.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 9

10. Here, at this stage you have to enter the details related to the registered agent. You have to provide the detail of whether the registered agent is an individual or a business. The manner in which they are consent must also be mentioned there.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 10

11. At this stage you have to supply the purpose of your Texas Foreign LLC.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 11

12. Now, you have to mention whether the company is managed by a manager or member, also provide the name of each member/manager along with the address.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 12

13. Additional information must be provided if any, along with a letter of consent or any other attachment you deem necessary.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 13

14. Now, your name and signature yours must be provided as an authorized representative. You can supply if you are having a delayed effective date.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 14

15. Here, on the last page you are allowed to enter all the information submitted in the previous articles. When you are sure that all the data is correct, you have to click on submit filing and then send it to the secretary of the state along with the fees. Once you get the confirmation, your Texas foreign LLC will be settled up completely.

Texas foreign LLC Online step 15

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