Cost To Form Texas LLC

Willing to start an LLC in Texas? No worries, Here you will get all the information regarding the Texas LLC Costs that you will have to pay. What are the necessary documents that are needed & you will have to pay for them? You need to understand that what all taxes are you paying. Check out what are the additional costs that are not needed and you can exclude them from your budget spreadsheet. Have look at how you can plan your expenses and form a legal operating LLC in Texas with spending minimum cost. 

Cost To Form Texas LLC

As you might be familiar with that, you will have to submit the documents to register your Texas limited liability company. To start submitting the documents you will have to fill the Certificate of Formation and submit it to the Secretary of State. Along with the form you have to file Texas LLC Costs. The most important document is the Certificate of formation as it has all the information related to the LLC, owners, partners, inflow cash, employees, etc. While you are submitting the Certificate of Formation to the Secretary of the state you will have to attach the $300  check, money order, for registering the LLC.

So it is also considered as a legal document when it comes to registering the limited liability company in Texas. Once you submit the certificate of formation online then you will have to wait for 2-3 days for confirmation. If you have mailed the documents, forms, & fees then you will have to wait for 7-10 days for the confirmation. These fees and confirmation time period explained is only for the Certificate of formation, as there are other documents that you need to submit while forming a Texas LLC. Allows us to explain to you Texas LLC Costs.

Texas LLC Costs:

Essentials Cost
Certificate of Formation $300
Registered Agent $0 or $125 (per year)
Operating Agreement $40- $99
Registered Agent Services $39 – $129
Taxes Varies (filed and/or paid each year)

Required Costs to Start a Texas LLC

If you want to register your Limited Liability Company in texas then you have to pay the filing fees & you must have all the licenses and permits. These are the Texas LLC Costs that you should pay without fail. You must always make sure that your LLC complies with all the rules and regulations of the Texas state department.

Texas LLC Filing Fee

This is one of the important texas LLC costs that you have to pay or else your LLC might not create. If you want to file Limited Liability Company in Texas then you have to pay an amount of $300 along with a certificate of formation. So that they register your LLC and the business is made as a Limited liability company. To form an LLC you will have to submit many documents and your LLC must acquire all the appropriate licenses and permits to operate legally.

Business Permits & Licenses

As mentioned above that you are required to have the relevant license and permits to run your Texas LLC. These permits and licenses are also included in Texas LLC Costs as you have to pay to get that renewed. You must keep in mind that every state has different rules and regulations your LLC must meet all the requirements of Federal, state, local. Here I have provided the links that will take you to the official website of Federal, state, and local websites.

  • Federal: If you are willing to learn more about the federal license requirement then you will have to visit the U.S. Small Business Administration.
  • State: If you are willing to learn more about the state licenses and permits then you will have to visit the official Secretary of state website.
  • Local: If you want to learn more about your local rules and regulations and you want to avail yourself of the licenses and permits then you can visit the Local Chamber of Commerce.

Registered Agent

Registered agent is a must if you want to form an LLC in Texas, as they will see various tasks between you and the government. The registered agent takes all the responsibility to submit and receive all the legal notices from the Secretary of state. You have to pay Texas LLC Costs for getting a registered agent. In the certificate of formation, you will have to provide the details of the registered agent to file your LLC in Texas. You can select your spouse, family member, friend, or employee of your LLC as a registered agent. Many people choose a professional registered agent to have more discretion, privacy, and make the work quicker. 

EIN Registration

If you want to form a legal entity then the Employer identification number is the must thing. You may have to apply to Internal revenue Services to obtain the EIN for your Texas LLC. This number is very beneficial for your business, and it helps a lot in the future in any situation. You can take a look at my EIN article to get an overview of the advantages & to learn how the employer identification number is beneficial for your LLC. To get the EIN you will have to pay $60 – $70.

Optional Costs to Start a Texas LLC

There are some of the Texas LLC costs which are not required to pay necessarily. Below you will get a list of costs that are not compulsory costs. It can reduce the cost of forming an LLC in Texas, you can do it later, or if you find that you do not need you can exclude that process. You may learn more about the advantage and disadvantages of the process and finalize that it is needed or not.

LLC Formation Service

Many service providers provide you with the formation service. Simply you can hire them and they will form an LLC in Texas on your behalf. This is one of the Texas LLC costs that you can pay as per your need or else you can file yourself. They will charge you some fees for their service, you will pay the fees and on your behalf, they will fill your LLC in Texas. You will hand over the necessary documents to the service provider. they will submit them after filling in with appropriate information. To hire a service provider you will have to pay between $39 – $79 to form your own LLC in Texas.

Operating Agreement

The formation providers offer you more services like operating agreements. All the information related to owners and procedures in LLC is provided in an operating agreement. It might actually reduce the risk in the future, and it might save you from conflicts. So it is considered a legal document as it has all the information related to the LLC, Owners, structure of the LLC, procedures, and position of every member is mentioned. To obtain an operating agreement you will have to pay $40- $99.

Registered Agent Services

As many service providers provide you with registered agent services. To keep your LLC up to date, they deal with all the legal lawsuits, notices, licenses, and permits, manage your taxes, etc. They work on behalf of your Texas LLC, As they provide you with the first year free and they will charge you from next year around $39 – $129. Many business owners try to do the work on their, and not giving the work to the registered agent. This might save you some money and as you might gain some more knowledge about the state and federal laws.

If you still don’t want to waste time dealing with the paperwork then you can go with AAAAAA. You can simply focus on your business in the starting phase, and let the registered agent deal with all the legal paperwork.

What if you Don’t Pay?

If you are a person who finds loopholes to avoid paying the required amount. Then you might get in some serious trouble anytime in the future. If you want to operate your LLC legally then you will have to submit the certificate of Formation along with the Texas LLC Costs. If you do not submit the Certificate then you might get ban until you submit the complete certificate of formation. If you missout on paying the Franchise Tax Report, then you might have to pay the penalty that mighty cost you around $50 including 5% of Tax Due. You may have to pay 10% if it is more than 30 days late, similarly, it is in the Sales and Uses tax.

Plan Your Expenses

Now, if you look into your estimate spreadsheet for Texas LLC Costs. Mostly these are one-time fees, that you won’t have to pay it again in the future. Having all these in the books you don’t have to worry about the hidden surprises. Your Texas LLC is running and very soon you will hammer out profits from your business. Just make sure to pay all the taxes on time so that the certificate of good standing is maintained.

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